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PxBull’s cloud allows you to save, manage, preview and share your files. It also allows you to access your files with any device from all around the world. 

Included in all plans!

  • Drag & Drop Pro Features
  • Free Premium Protection
  • Access From Anywhere
  • Back-up Your All Data
  • SSL Layer Encryption
  • Support 24/7/365

Access your files from all around the world with any device securely.

Collaborate and share your own files with anyone publicly or privately.

Advance drag and drop file uploading and superfast downloading speed.

Price & Plans

We provide you superfast cloud storage to store all of your data and expand your data accessibility for yourself. If you lost your data from your computer or mobile you can get it back from here.

Manage your files & folder

Pictures, videos, music, docs

Get TB's of space to manage

Mutliple users can be added

Advance Level Drag & Drop

Download, upload, preview

Password protected share

Date and time share expiry

Invite anyone to collaborate

Setting user's permissions

Create separate workspaces

Backup your files or folders

Recover your files anytime

Everything is safe in cloud

Access from anywhere...

Drag & Drop To Manage!

PxBull made it easy to access and manage your files efficiently. You can see the screenshots and features below to examin the power of our cloud drive.

Freedom To Access

No matter where you are and which device you are using, you have all of your valuable data with you. PxBull is providing you thousands of giga bytes to store your data, weather it is your personal or work space data. You can access it from anywhere all around the world securely. You can use your mobile phones, computers, laptops or any device that you easily have around you to upload or download your data. There are many advance and next level features to manage your files, folders, photos, media, docs, videos, audio, pictures efficiently. You can also use cloud for your business with multiple users.

Back-Up & No Data Loss

Now no more need to carry laptops or hard drives, they can get damaged and can be stolen then your data is gone. So why not use PxBull cloud drive which provides you way more space for you to store your important data or memories. We respect you and your data because we know that nowadays it plays a very important role in our life. Our data maters a lot like our basic needs of our life so why not to secure them for life time and be tension free for your whole life. You can back up your computer, laptop and smart phones from anywhere, anytime.

Share & Collaboration 

You can now share your data with world in a single click via link and by adding people via email invitation. There are many new advance level features, you can set password on your link or you can set an expiry date and time for a link. You can also set permissions for your link to modify that file. You can also enable or disable downloading anytime. You can send invitation to any person for collaboration. You also have a feature call workspace from which you can easily create separate workspaces for your work, business, home, family and as much you want. The files management is never been easier but we have done it for you.


Please fill the details below so that we can send you demo link and the cloud drive demo username and password so that you can use our powerful cloud storage for free.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“I have used their many services but the PxBull’s cloud drive plays a main role in my day to day life. I am a photographer so all the picture that I took, I use to save them in to my cloud drive because it provides me real world features and many options of sharing, so I use the link to send photos to anyone I want…”


“I am a freelance web developer and I am proudly maintaining 43 websites, all with pxbull cloud and shared hosting but some on reseller plan so Its my duty to backup and all the website data so I am using cloud drive to maintain the back up and to upload my own personal codes and data because cloud drive is rich is feature I need…”


“I use PxBull drive to store my kids memories and reals. I have their family plan that is used by me and husband. We are highly satisfied with this drive because we have freedom to view, download and send. After uploading my stuff I got satisfied because I know my data is with me for my whole…”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud drive?

Cloud drive is a web-based service that provides storage & its access on a remote server. Cloud drives are usually accessed over the Internet using web portal login to upload, download, share, and preview your files, folders, pictures, videos, docs, and music etc from anywhere.

What are the benefits?

You can store your data or backups so you would never loss your data again. No matter where are you or which device you are using, you can access your data from any where around the world. By using our cloud drive you will feel like your data is always with you.

How to access my cloud?

After selecting a plan and making a successful payment you will get a login ID to cloud drive. You can access your cloud drive from anywhere around the world, you can use any device and any OS. You just have to login your cloud drive on any web browser and access your data.

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