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PxBull’s Email Marketing allows you to properly handle email marketing & it will automate your email sending to newsletters and run campaigns smoothly.

Feature Included!

  • Easy Import / Export Email List
  • Great Smart Auto-responder
  • Multiple Delivery Services
  • Restful API & Web Hooks
  • Fastest Email Delivery
  • Support 24/7/365

Easily start your own successful email marketing campaigns today.

Automate your email marketing with us and send bulk mails in seconds.

Track progress of your marketing with in-depth analytics and stats feature.

Price & Plans

As we know email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to subscribers to get maximum visitors and sales so we have a perfect solution for you.

Drag & Drop Email builder

Smart AI Auto-responder

Restful API & WebHooks

Super fastest email delivery

Extremely customizable forms

Perfect solution for marketing

Automate your email campaigns

Send to & manage newsletters

Smart Import / Export Options

Accurate Statistics with location

Manage your subscribers perfectly

Artificial intelligence based reports

Pro guidance on every single step

In-depth analytics for every email

Integrations and more...

Market your business smoothly

PxBull’s email marketing platform provides you very extensive features in one place to perform a perfect email marketing. No matter weather you are a blogger or want to do it for business purposes, you will get very favourable results. You can monitor every single sent mail with our powerful smart AI based report system on your dashboard. You can run multiple campaigns at once and our system will automate every thing for you so now  weather you at work or sleeping our system is working for you.

Email Marketing Made Easy!

PxBull made it easy to perform effecient email marketing with us. It is a simple to use, efficient and full-featured email marketing tool with an impressive feature set .

Manage Your Email List

You can manage your email list efficiently with us because we provide you plethora of built-in tools that will work for you in a perfect way. No matter if you have new subscribers or old you can import and export them in just a single click.

Remotely manage your subscribers, lists, campaigns

Get complete stats of your subscriber including IP

Import / Export in CSV, Text and SQL

Putt your marketing on Auto-pilot

In-depth insights & analytics

You can now work freely and save a lot of time, leave the email marketing to us and save the efforts. If you ever need any kind of assistance then remember that we are on your back.


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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“I’m using PxBull’s hosting, link management and email marketing platform since 2018. One main thing I would like to say about them is that they really create perfect solutions for us to perform better in digital world. I will highly recommend everyone to join this app…”


“This email marketing system helped me in many different ways and the very main reason about this email marketing tool that I love the most is that is saves couple of my hours daily, as a content writer we actually don’t have much time to do every thing by our own self so this tool really worth it to be used…”


“I’ve use mailchimp which is very expensive and less in feature then PxBull’s email marketing tool, and this is way more cheaper then any other email marketing platform plus the verity of features here is not available in the market, I love using PxBull, keep it us and…”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is email marketing?

Sending bulk and massive amount of mails to promote a business’s product or service, as well as encourage customer loyalty. Email marketing is most powerful form of marketing that can make your email list aware of new products, offers discounts, and other services.

Can I send email in bulk?

Yeah you can send mail in bulk in an auto mode, you just have to add the email list and monitor your progress available on your own dashboard which is powered by smartest artificial intelligence (AI) system so now you can run your email marketing on auto-pilot mode with us.

I am begianner what to do?

Not an issue, you will receive guide line on every single step so that you can work smoothly with your email marketing. You will get a prompt message when ever you will try to do something with in your dash board, moreover our customer support team is 24/7/365 available for you.

24/7 Award Winning Support

Contact us now if you have any kind of question we are always happy to hear from you and we always love to help you when ever you needs us. 

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