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PxBull’s link management allows you to shorten a long link into short smart link that you can use to monitor clicks and optimize your marketing campaigns. 

Included in all plans!

  • Free Geo-targeting
  • Free Device Targeting
  • Bundles & Link Rotator
  • Splash & Overlay Pages
  • Add Custom Domain
  • Support 24/7/365

Shorten a long link into short smart link and monitor every single click.

Invite members to operate the same account as a team with several roles.

Track progress of your marketing with in-depth stats and features.

Price & Plans

Break the limits of your link & manage your links like a pro with our link management tool, high standards of link analytics. Monitor the reach & increase sales. Perfect for sales & marketing.

Short your long URL's or links

Social-Friendly links sharing

thumbnail, title, description

Video options for link visitor

Create beautiful profiles

Add your custom domain

Manage & Add Link Bundles

Manage Link Rotator settings

Invite anyone to collaborate

URL Bookmarking System

Geo & Device Pro Targeting

Built-in advanced API System

Powerful administration panel

In-depth analytics for every click

Integrations and more...

Manage & Track Your URL Links!

PxBull made it easy to track and manage your links & clicks. You can see the screenshots and features below to examin the power of our cloud drive.

Control Multiple Redirections

Each short link can be customized to user either of the following redirection type which actually helps.

Direct Redirection

Frame Redirection

Splash Redirection

Custom Splash Redirection

Overlays (Popup, Contact, Poll)

Now you can get a power over your each link to customize, monitor and target. This is the only tool you need to make your links more powerful and customizable so get it now.

In-Depth Visitor Analytics

PxBull’s link management tool will provide you every essential thing that you need. It gives you total number of visitors stats & stats with weekly, monthly, yearly and daily basis so will get all the control in your hand to monitor your stats. It tells the stats by the referral website from where your visitors are coming to you. It will tell you from which country your visitors are coming to your link. You have complete authority to monitor your user’s operating system and even browser to understand better.

Endless Link customizations

You can customize each short link to better target and to understand your audience with our powerful customization tools. By the help of PxBull’s link tool you can convert more customer not just because of its smartness but because of it has very much powerful options one of them is a poll feature from which from you can understand your visitor’s needs and wants by directly asking them or by getting poll results. 


Connect with the following apps and others to extend your management


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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“I am a blogger and an existing customer of PxBull, I am using their wordpress hosting for my blog. I use PxBull link management to monitor my blog’s visitors from social media and other platforms where I use to advertise, weather it is paid or free promotion of my blog this tool gave me details for every single click…”


“I am selling different digital product on my different website and I hired many freelancers to promote them, I give them a short link from my link management and I use to sit back and relax because PxBull’s Links tells me all the things that I need to track my progress. I hire PxBull to develop all of my websites and love their all services including hosting…”


“PxBull’s link management system helps me a lot because I am an affiliate marketer and working on several different niches of products so this amazing tool not only gives me stats it also gives me options to putt ads and banners on my links, there are limitless features that I love in this PxBull’s linking tool…”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is link management?

Link management tool provides you the ability to edit, organize, analyze and have complete control on all the URL links you shares. PxBull’s link management tools is presenting  you with the opportunity to protect your brand and optimize your marketing more efficiently.

Can I use my own domain?

Yeah, you can use your own multiple domains instead of using ours, in just a single click, when you create a short links with your own custom domain, you can claim full ownership over them and we provide you all the tools you need to protect them and monitor perfectly.

Can I collaborate with others?

Yes, you can collaborate with others and you can invite any one to manage your links with you just in a single click. There is a built in option so that you can add your team, employee, or owner. You can also set permissions and roles for each user to limit their unnecessary access.

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