Hospital management

PxBull’s hospital management system will make your health based institution management run on auto-pilot and it will manage your whole clinic or hospital.

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  • Multiple Login Access
  • Automate your institute
  • Get Accurate Reporting
  • Manage all the faculties
  • Laboratory Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Cloud Based & Secure
  • POS for Pharmacies  
  • Support 24/7/365

Empower your health institutes with our powerful cloud based system.

Automate your institute to save cost, time, and human power with us.

Software that works with every kind of device from anywhere you are.

Price & Plans

We provide you cloud based software to automate your institution and with it’s power you can control, manage & monitor every faculty of your hospital efficiently. It is perfect for you and easy to use.

Complete Doctor Database

Prescription Management

Appointment Management

Human Resource Database

Pharmacy Management

Dashboard In-depth stats

Smart Patient Timeline

Patient Payment History

User Activity Report

Smart Hospital Accounting

Smart Financial Reporting

Smart Invoicing / Billing

Advance roles & permissions

Powerful SMS Management

Template for Lab report

Patient Medical History

Doctor’s Commission

Email and SMS template

Powerful Email Management

Smart Schedule Management

Send & Manage Notice Module

Powerful POS for Pharmacies

Manage Patient Medical Files

Select medicine in prescription

Create & Manage Prescription

Smartly Manage & allot best

Profit, expense and more

Cloud-Based Management!

PxBull understands your business better than anyone. You can see the screenshots and features below to examine the power of our cloud-based management system.

Lets Do Quick Feature Analysis

You can avail hundreds of features from our cloud-based management system that will ultimately help your business to run on autopilot and will save your cost and time.


Dashboard presents the status and overview of the institution. Visual presentation of the sales and expense through graph and pie chart are there. Total count of the Daily, monthly and yearly sales and expense and number of appointments. Dashboard contain the appointment calendar through which you can see all the appointments for can see the patient history by clicking on appointments.


You can create, edit and delete doctors. Can manage doctor’s appointments, schedule, holidays. Can check doctor’s treatment history.


You can create, edit and delete appointments. Can manage Today’s and upcoming appointments. You can see appointments based on status like requested, pending, confirmed, treated and cancelled.


Can manage payments, expenses, invoices, due payments, daily, monthly, yearly and date to date reports etc from this module.


Can manage all the lab reports and report templates. Template system allows to create report templates. During the creation of a report you just need to select your desired template. Then just change the values.


This module is for blood donors. You can list all the donor names with their contact number and can notify them in times of need from the SMS and email module. Blood bank shows the number of blood bags you have in your stock. You can edit those informations.


You can check the date-to date report for all your financial activities. Strong User activity report where you will find a user based financial reporting like the amount of cash collected by each accountant and receptionist. You can check each doctor’s commission. Can check birth, operation, and expiration records. Daily, month and yearly payment and expense reports, and many more.


You can send the email to different groups like all the patients or all the doctors or donors of a specific blood group. Also can send individual patients and any other email address. You can configure the auto email templates. During the creation of appointments, payments or live meetings email are sent to patients and doctors. You can create those emails from here.


Can change hospital title, credit line, currency symbol, phone number, email address etc. Can manage payment gateways, languages, bulk imports and database backups.


You can store all the department names and descriptions of the hospital.


You can create, edit and delete patients. Can manage patient’s case history, documents, payments, appointments. You can check the patient history with a beautiful timeline from the history button in the patient list.


This is the module where you can create all the hospital staffs like Nurses, Accountants, Receptionists, Pharmacists and Laboratorist. All those staffs can login the system with their specific access permission.


Can create and manage prescriptions with dynamic medicine selection. The link between Prescription and pharmacy allows the pharmacist to see all the prescriptions.


Can add, edit and delete medicines and medicine categories. You can check medicine stock alert


Can manage bed, bed categories, bed allotments.


List all the notices you want to show the human resources.


You can send the sms to different group like all the patients or all the doctors or donors of a specific blood group. Also can send individual patients and any other email address. You can configure the auto sms templates. During the creation of appointments, payments or live meetings sms are sent to patients and doctors. You can create those messages from here. You also need to select SMS gateway from the settings option. There are multiple sms gateways integrated in our system.


Logged in user can change email, username and login password from here

Smart & Perfect Management 

With this our cloud management system, you are assured to save time-consuming process of your institute management. This cloud based software will give you the ease to monitor every aspect of your institution with smart in-depth analysis which in based on real time activities done with in your clinic, hospital or any institution, you can also add multiple users and each one can access with separate login and credential such as:









All Devices & OS Supported

Now you can use any operating system or any device of your own choice to manage your business. Our software is highly optimize for every device and OS, so that you can work from any device. No matter weather you are using computer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop your work can be done easily.

One Software For Every Health Institute

Our software has built-in modules inside our software so you can enable or disable according to your business that you require to fulfill your business needs.

Manage Hospitals

Diagnostic Centers

All type of Clinics

Nursing Home

Manage Pharmacies

Manage Laboratories

Manage Dental center

All other Medical...

Complete Control Of Institute

You can manage and monitor your health institute very easily with our cloud based management software. I will give you all the overview on your admin dashboard. There is different type of accesses for every person but admin can control all of them. This software will make your institute management easy.

Pharmacy Management

Our management system has built-in point of sales (POS), so you can manage your pharmacy efficiently. You can set cost price and selling price so it will calculate your profit margin automatically and will give you day to day reports. You can manage your medicine stocks and set medicine location.

In-depth Business Analytics

Our management software gives you all the necessary details on your home screen and more importantly you can get instant reports on every single thing of your institute by dates, years, days, months and more. You can get profit and loss reports, doctors reports, patient medical reports and so much more.

Blood Donor Management 

Our software allows you to manage blood donors with their blood group and profile so when ever you need blood you can send them sms and email with in a single click from your portal. You can send message by selecting required blood group of donors so it will send to all donor of required blood group.

Laboratory Management

Our software provides you built-in module for laboratory report management you can create reports for your patients. You can manage all the reports with our software very easily and you can take custom print outs. You can also design and save templates of report cards so it will save your time.

Smart Artificial Intelligence 

As we know technology plays a huge role in business success so why not add the latest smart artificial intelligence software that will manage your whole business and help you to manage your business on auto-pilot mode.

He will automate your business management

He will send you notification and alerts on emails / sms

He will do in-depth analysis & send you complete reports


Please fill the details below so that we can send you demo link and the software demo username and password so that you can use our powerful management software for free.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“I own 2 local hospitals and both are under the management of PxBull’s software, I am very sure to tell the world that is software has very extensive amount of essential features which can handle small-scale to large scale hospitals…”


“Shifa pharmacies has 21 shops located in different areas in our country and have it management is more then perfect, I can see all the stocks, sales and all other activities from any where by my phone or laptop, all of this is just possible due to PxBull’s software…”


“PxBull has given me many digital solutions for my dental clinic such as web host, business email, and web development but this management system is the most perfect solution I can ever have. There support is like I am talking to my brother…”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud based?

Cloud based means all of your institute data is stored on a special cloud server which is highly protected and managed by PxBull’s specialized professionals.

Can I use it for pharmacy?

Yes, this management system can help you to efficiently manage your pharmacy or medical store, our software built-in POS, SALES, STOCK AND MUCH MORE.

Can I use it for laboratory?

Yes, this management system can help you to smoothly manage all kind of lab report, our software has built-in module for laboratories management.

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