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PxBull’s school management system is an education management system that allows you to manage all type of educational institutes more efficiently.

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  • Cloud-Based Management
  • No need to buy server anymore
  • No need to hire server team
  • No need to hire security team
  • We will manage all for you
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Empower your health institutes with our powerful cloud based system.

Send auto sms & mail notifications to staff, teachers, parents, & students.

Software that works with every kind of device from anywhere you are.

Price & Plans

We provide you cloud based software to automate your institution and with it’s power you can control, manage & monitor every faculty of your institute efficiently. It is perfect for you and easy to use.

Manage Visitors

Manage Students

Manage Teachers

Manage Guardians

Manage Calls Records

Manage Online Classes

Manage Human Resource

Manage Postal Dispatches

Manage Leaves & Applications


Manage Class Lecture

Manage Classes & Sections

Manage Subjects & Syllabus

Manage Study Material & Docs

Manage Time Table & Routines

Manage Attendance & Schedule

Generate customizable ID Card

Payroll, Salaries, and Incentives

Manage Exams & Tests perfectly

Exam Marks & Result Report Card

Manage Books & Library

Manage Student Promotions

Manage Transport & Routes

Announcement & Complains

Manage Events & Functions

Built-in Live Chat for all users

SMS & Email Notification Alerts

Manage Hostel & Accommodation

Generate Customizable Certificate

In-depth Reports and more....

Smart & Perfect Management 

With this our cloud management system, you are assured to save time-consuming process of your institute management. This cloud based software will give you the ease to monitor every aspect of your institution with smart in-depth analysis which in based on real time activities done in your university, collage or any institutes, you can also add multiple users and each one has their own login and credential such as:




Front Desk





All Devices & OS Supported

Now you can use any operating system or any device of your own choice to manage your business. Our software is highly optimize for every device and OS, so that you can work from any device. No matter weather you are using computer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop your work can be done easily.

One Software For Every Institute

Our software has built-in modules inside our software so you can enable or disable according to your business that you require to fulfill your business needs.

Manage Schools

Manage Collages

Manage Institutes

Manage Universities

Tuition Centers

Training Centers

Manage Academies

All other Educational...

Complete Control Of Institute

You can manage and monitor your educational institute very easily with our cloud based management. It will give you all the overview on your powerful admin dashboard and more… 

Student & Study 

You can manage students very efficiently, you can do students admissions, fee billing, promotion, classes & sections selection, send Email & SMS, maintain attendance, and so much more…

Teacher & Subjects

Our software can help you to add teachers and manage their time by scheduling the classes according to their subjects, and qualifications. It will also manage payroll and more…

Visitors & Postal Dispatches 

Our software can manage visitors and the postal dispatches that arrives on your school, collage, or any other institute. You can see on the dashboard who has visited and more…

Parents & Guardians

You can manage all parents and guardians, you can also give them a login ID so that they can also monitor their children real progress, attendance, fee vouchers and so much more…

Online Classes & Assignments 

Admin or teacher can now schedule online classes directly from the software and send SMS or email notification to all students and students also submit their submit or receive assignments…

Exams & Result Report Cards

You can schedule exams and send alert notifications to all the students about the time table of exam and class room. You can publish report cards with our software and much more…

Generate Custom ID Cards 

Our software will help you to generate custom id cards for staff, students, teachers and other employees that will help you give a professional impact and make management easy and more…

Generate Custom Certificates

You can generate custom certificates for your teachers, staff students, or any other employee for student academic, teacher accomplishment or for any purpose and much more…

Books & Library  

Our software will help you to manage your library completely & perfectly, it’ll maintain record of which book is issued to which student or member, book location and so much more…

Hostel & Accommodation

You can manage hostel rooms and the member who are in or want to get one, with the help of our software you can allot them room and maintain record of members and much more…

Transportation & Routes

Our software will help you to manage all vehicles, their stops and routes with its members so now you can maintain proper record of your transportation and so much more…

Finance & In-depth Analytics

You can manage fee, profit, loss, expense, payroll, salaries, and other financial stuff. You can get smart artificial intelligence based reports for any day, week, year and much more…

Smart Artificial Intelligence 

As we know technology plays a huge role in business success so why not add the latest smart artificial intelligence software that will manage your whole institute and help you to manage your business on auto-pilot mode.

He will automate your Institute management

He will send notification and alerts on emails / sms

He will do in-depth analysis & send you complete reports


Please fill the details below so that we can send you demo link and the software demo username and password so that you can use our powerful management software for free.

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Customer Testimonials

“There are no words about how such lovely they answer to their clients on call, I am their fan because they are the expert of schooling software, like seriously they have way too much features. I won competition from other local schools just because I have provided parents so much options to monitor their kid’s progress & activities…”


“Academia is running local and online academy for students who want to enroll in short courses so I was only running offline locally but after getting consultation from their team I am thankful to them they made my online presence and gave me their school software and my management is fully automated…”


“I am director of Jinnah Foundation school and collage, I am PxBull’s customer since 2015 and I can surely assure every one this this software is one of the most finest and perfectly made software for educational businesses, Love their support and services, will do more…”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud based?

Cloud based means all of your institute data is stored on a special cloud server which is highly protected and managed by PxBull’s specialized professionals.

Can I use it for any institute?

Yes, this management system can help you to efficiently manage your all kind of institutes that involves students, teacher, HRM, fee billing and studies activities.

Can I use it for Collage?

Yes, this management system can help you to smoothly manage your collages, universities, schools & all other institutes which are similar to education.

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